Clinical Care
Advancing health equity in marginalized populations with or at risk for hepatitis C. Decreasing barriers to comprehensive health care here at RECAP in Saint John, New Brunswick.

The Centre for Research, Education & Clinical Care of At-Risk Populations aims to provide access to screening, treatment and prevention for populations at risk for hepatitis C and associated communicable diseases.

RECAP’s mission will be accomplished by through the following three pillars: 

1) Research – Maintain research through clinical trials, program evaluation and epidemiological studies. 

2) Education – Serve as an educational resource and model of care for learners and community.

3) Clinical Care – deliver innovative, specialized, holistic and collaborative clinical care to the individual, family and community.

Educating patients to help them better understand how to help themselves. Educating healthcare students and professionals on the specialized needs of marginalized populations and how to care for them.

A nurse practitioner led interdisciplinary clinic focused on filling the gap in the preventative and chronic healthcare needs of at-risk populations for opiate addiction, and hepatitis C. 

Bringing together a specialized group of individuals to target research in areas most needed to benefit this marginalized population, their families and communities in the short and long term.

Treating the whole person, with a community focus.