• Screening for hepatitis C and other blood borne diseases. 
  • Opiate substitution therapy (e.g. methadone) for individuals with opiate addiction.
  • Counselling on strategies to reduce the risk of acquiring blood borne diseases, such as hepatitis C. 
  • Assessment and appropriate management of patients with chronic hepatitis C. 
  • Appropriate hepatitis C screening of children born to high-risk mothers. 
  • Primary health management for patients without a primary care provider and/or those with difficulties accessing care through the public system. 

Adapted from the World Health Organization (2014) ​Guidelines for the Screening Care and Treatment of Persons with Hepatitis C Infection. 

Clinical Care




A cornerstone of RECAP is the RECAP Clinic. The goal of the clinic is to deliver barrier-free, comprehensive, "one stop" services to patients who typically have difficulties accessing health care through the conventional public system. The goal of care is not only to address needs directly related to hepatitis C but any and all health-related requirements a patient may have. Anyone is free to access our services without a referral.

New patients are seen by our nurse practitioner who will perform a complete intake assessment to evaluate what services may be required. From there, the nurse practitioner will continue to provide the individualized care needed as well as provide referrals to appropriate specialist services that are either provided directly within the clinic itself (hepatitis C specialists, general infectious diseases specialists, pediatrics, social work, pharmacist) or by external healthcare providers.