Our Vision, Mission and Values


All of RECAP’s work will be carried out aligned with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with the values of respect, excellence, cooperation, accountability and perseverance toward our vision of achieving a health equitable world without hepatitis C.
The Centre for Research, Education & Clinical Care of At-Risk Populations aims to provide access to screening, treatment and prevention for populations at risk for hepatitis C and associated communicable diseases.

RECAP’s mission will be accomplished by through the following three pillars:

1) Research – Maintain research through clinical trials, program evaluation and epidemiological studies.

2) Education – Serve as an educational resource and model of care for learners and community.

3) Clinical Care – deliver innovative, specialized, holistic and collaborative clinical care to the individual, family and community.
A health equitable world without hepatitis C. 


All persons should be afforded equal access to quality healthcare services which are considerate of the individual’s needs.

All our work will be guided by commitment to the use of the best evidence available. In the absence of good evidence, high quality research will be conducted to fill the knowledge gap.

We will openly collaborate with all institutions and organizations who are involved with supporting the at-risk and marginalized populations we serve. We also actively cooperate with the people we serve to achieve the goals most important to them. 

We conduct all of our activities with a firm dedication to social accountability and a strong commitment to ensuring we are accountable to our donors, sponsors, patients and members through financial and operational transparency.

We meet all of our organization’s challenges with positive perseverance and aim to instill the same in the population we serve.