Direct Housing Referrals

At-Home Hepatitis C Testing

Are you afraid of having blood drawn? No problem!

Do you have difficulty getting to a blood collection clinic? No problem!

Worried about other people knowing you are being tested? No problem!

RECAP’s Hepatitis Engagement Program has you covered! 

  1.  Come see us at RECAP in Prince Edward Square Mall– no referral is needed, and we will do our best to accommodate walk-ins for testing whenever possible.
  2.  Visit us at one of our community clinics – see schedule below.
  3.  Talk to your housing team about a direct referral.
  4.  Contact us directly by calling/texting (506) 609-6278 or email us at and our team can help you set up a personalized plan for testing. 

Looking to get a home test kit or have more questions about getting tested? Fill out this form or scroll down for more options.

Even more ways to get tested!

COVID-19 guidelines will be followed. Masks are mandatory. Please be patient to give us time to clean between each visit.

Outreach Clinics

Wednesdays (times may vary) at Compass Clinic in Prince Edward Square.

Thursdays 9-12 at Avenue B. 

We have partnered with the Human Development Council and the By Names List to provide quick access to testing through local housing agencies. At your request or as part of the intake process your housing agency can complete a referral to arrange hepatitis C testing at a location convenient for you. You can set up an appointment at RECAP, one of our community clinics, a community partner, or a location that meets your needs.  

Community Clinics Near You

Wondering how to collect your dried blood spot test you received in the mail? Watch this!

Get Tested

How do we test?

At RECAP gone are the days where you have to have blood drawn to find out your hepatitis C status. Using just a poke of your finger and a couple drops of blood we can tell you! 

Unable to access testing in person? No problem!

Did you know we can send a hepatitis C testing kit to your home?

Call, text, or email us or fill out the form above to request your kit. One of our team members will complete an intake and mail you your at-home testing kit with a unique identifier for you to complete when it is best for you. The kit comes with instructions and a video to walk you through how to perform the test. Our team is also available to set up virtual (telephone or zoom) appointments to assist you in completing your test. Using the same card we can also test you for HIV and syphilis if you would like. 

It is just 5 drops of blood on a card! Easy!

When you have completed the test, let it dry, put it in the prepaid Canada Post envelope and pop it into any red Canada post box!

That is it! Our team will be in contact with your results and a plan!