Are you afraid of having blood drawn? No problem!

Do you have difficulty getting to a blood collection clinic? No problem!

Worried about other people knowing you are being tested? No problem!

RECAP has you covered! 

Come see us at RECAP at 70 Crown Street– no referral is needed, and we will do our best to accommodate walk-ins for testing whenever possible. Or, contact us directly by calling 506-657-5699 or email us at and our team can help you set up a personalized plan for testing. 

Fill out this form and we will contact you to set up testing or see below for other options.

Other options for testing through RECAP

Wondering how we collect and test using just a finger poke? Watch this!

Get Tested

How do we test?

At RECAP gone are the days where you have to have blood drawn to find out your hepatitis C status. Using just a poke of your finger and a couple drops of blood we can tell you!