Our Team

Paige Feltmate

Registered Nurse

Dr. Stephen Robinson

Infectious Diseases Physician

Dr. Duncan Webster

Clinical Care Lead

Infectious Diseases Physician

Maggie Stewart

Administrative Coordinator

Kate Harland

Registered Nurse

​​Meet the RECAP Team

Ryan Kennedy

Board Chair 


Stefanie Materniak

Operations Director/ Research Manager

Stéphanie Dugas

Nurse Practitioner

RECAP has a dedicated group of volunteer directors who help oversee and guide us toward achieving our mission, vision and values. 

  • Ryan Kennedy, Board Chair & Treasurer
  • Angelina Butt, Secretary
  • Duncan Webster
  • Julie Dingwell
  • Sarah Gander
  • Dan Smyth
  • Chola Shamputa
  • Ed Doherty
  • Loretta Waycott
  • Stefanie Materniak (ex-officio)

RECAP's Board of Directors

Olivia Newcombe

Social Worker

Jennifer Splane

Registered Nurse