RECAP has a dedicated group of 9 volunteer directors who help oversee and guide us toward achieving our mission, vision and values. 

  • Dr. Sarah Gander, Acting Chair
  • Ryan Kennedy, Treasurer
  • Dr. Duncan Webster
  • Julie Dingwell
  • Bill Reid
  • Dr. Dan Smyth
  • Dan Nagel
  • Dr. Isaac Sobol
  • Stefanie Materniak (ex-officio)

RECAP's Board of Directors

Kelly Underhill

Social Worker

Our Team

Dr. Stephen Robinson

Infectious Diseases Physician

Chelsey McKee

Administrative Assistant

(on leave)

Dr. Duncan Webster

Clinical Care Lead

Infectious Diseases Physician

Heather Connell

Administrative Assistant

Kate Harland

Registered Nurse

​​Meet the RECAP Team

Dr. Sarah Gander

Acting Chair, Board of Directors 


Stefanie Materniak

Director of Operations

Stéphanie Dugas

Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Dan Smyth

Research Lead

Infectious Diseases Physician