Our Partners

In honour of our commitment of “bringing liver research to life”, the Canadian Liver Foundation is a proud partner of the Centre for Research, Education & Clinical Care of At-Risk Populations, providing financial assistance and administration for funding to support hepatitis C research, education and patient support programs in New Brunswick.

In December 2017, the New Brunswick Department of Health joined us as an integral partner in providing grant funding to support, in part,  our operations to care for these challenging, at-risk patients. We are very thankful for their assistance and willingness to work with community partners to explore innovative ways to effectively deliver healthcare to at risk persons. 

At RECAP, we have immense gratitude for the support shown to us by our industry partners. The ongoing funding support they have provided for research, education and clinical care for our patients has been vital to our continuing ability to achieve our goals. Each of these companies have core values aligned in large part with our own here at RECAP.  Merck, Gilead and AbbVie - we thank you for partnering with us to increase health equity and move toward eradicating hepatitis C. 

Without our partners' support, RECAP could not exist. All of our funding goes to support the core staff, patient and healthcare professional educational programs and research into ways to improve the lives and health of the population we serve. All others members of the team perform their functions on a volunteer basis with dedication and passion for RECAP's mission.