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Methadone or Suboxone Treatment

At RECAP, our philosophy to the care of opioid use disorder extends beyond prescribing methadone or suboxone to help stabilize your life. Our nurse practitioner takes a whole approach to your health and meets you at whatever point you are at in your recovery journey. Abstinence isn't our focus, getting you to the best state of health and the safest place from potential negative consequences of substance use is our goal. 

In addition to methadone or suboxone we will do our best to assist you with any primary health care concerns, work with specialists to help diagnose and treat on site some of the complications that often come along with substance use (like hepatitis C, HIV, skin and soft tissue infections, etc.), and provide social and mental health support through our social worker and other members of our team. Our interim, bare bones and full programs are described below.

** Please note that at present our full and bare bones methadone/suboxone programs are FULL; however, you can contact us to access the interim program and/or to be added to our wait list. 

***If you were previously a patient of RECAP for methadone or suboxone (bare bones or full program), you are always welcomed back without requiring to be put on a wait list. 

****Due to such limited space, we will not accept patients who have another methadone or suboxone provider locally. 

We offer 3 programs:

  • INTERIM Suboxone/Methadone - unfortunately there are often wait lists of 2 weeks or more to get an intake with any of the location providers which can be very hard if you are ready to get help.
    • Through our interim program we will aim to get you in within a week or less to at least get you started (up to 16mg of suboxone or 40 mg of methadone) to "bridge" you over until a regular program space opens at any of the local clinics (including RECAP).
    • In this program primary care is not provided.
    • You cannot earn take home doses in the interim program and must go your pharmacy you've chosen ever day to get your medication. 
    • We will provide blood borne infection screening (HIV, hepatitis C/B, and syphilis) and should you result positive, we will work with you to manage/treat your infection(s).  

  • FULL Suboxone/methadone program - this is what would be considered the more "traditional" suboxone or methadone program. Working with the RECAP team, led by our nurse practitioner, you will be seen at minimum every two weeks for the first while to find a stable dose that works for you. A typical visit can focus on any number of issues (there is no limit). 
    • You'll come to the clinic every two weeks to see how you are doing and provide a witnessed urine drug screen to monitor how you are doing. Urine drug screens are not to "catch" if you're using, only to help guide our clinicians decisions on how best to treat you and keep you safe. 
    • You can earn take home doses of your medication over time with consistent negative urine drug screens. This is usually over a period of 4 months with urine drug screens and appointments 
    • You'll have access to primary care if you do not have a primary care provider. 
    • You'll have access to our social worker to navigate social issues and engage in counselling. 
    • We will provide blood borne infection screening (HIV, hepatitis C/B, and syphilis) and should you result positive, we will work with you to manage/treat your infection(s).  

  • BARE BONES Methadone/Suboxone - some patients they are not at a place where they can or want to commit to a full program, but that does not mean they shouldn't get help.
    • The bare bones program allows patients to be on a maximum dose of 16mg Suboxone or 40mg of methadone indefinitely without the requirement that you come to the clinic for regular urine drug screens or appointments with the nurse practitioner. 
    • You cannot earn (or keep) take home doses in the bare bones program and have to go to your pharmacy daily to get your medication. 
    • A bare bones patient is different from interim - at any point the patient can decide to engage in the full program and you can move in and out of being bare bones. This means if you can't engage with us for a time, we will lower your dose, but never below our maximum bare bones doses unless you request your dose to be lower. 

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